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Moving Tips

How Can I Be Prepared To Have The Most Efficient Move Possible?

At Next Door Movers LLC We Advice Customers Looking To Have                                    The Fastest Move Possible To:



-Be very detailed in your estimate DON'T BE SHY If you have 100 boxes and 50 articles of furniture we will move them! Remember honesty is key to getting the best estimate for your move!


-Have packed in boxes all belongings that are not furniture 

-Pack All drawers and compartments from all furniture (Ex: Junk Drawer in tv stand or dresser as well as clothes) 

-Disassemble any large item to you ability such as bed frames or large tables, Movers can disassemble and Assemble at customers request, just keep in mind your estimate can increase depending on how many articles need to be fully disassembled and assembled.

-Have a plan layout of furniture and box placement for your new home as it will help movers unload all of you items out of the truck and into the specific spot they need to go.

What To Expect On Moving Day

Its the big day! time to move, At Next Door Movers LLC we Train our foremen's to give every customer a 30 minute curtesy call to let you know exactly how long it will take for your movers to arrive at your pick up location

-We recommend for you to be water bottle ready, our movers waste no time on getting to work and they move FAST! before you know it you will be seeing all your stuff packed in the quickest and safest way, into your new home

-During the walkthrough of the house please let the foremen know of any items that are fragile or that need extra protection

If Movers see such items they will direct your attention to them as they as they are not allowed to move them. They will ask customers to personally carry them


-After all of your things are packed the foremen will check in with you on the delivery address to confirm we have the right delivery address as sometimes some moves have multiple stops

-Once we start unloading you stuff we recommend for one person that knows where all the furniture is going, to stand by the truck or near the entrance of your home to direct us on where exactly you want your furniture

-Your getting close to the end! Once you see the movers have moved all your stuff out of the tuck the last step for them is to assemble anything that they disassembled weather it was requested by the customer or required to make it through a certain door.


-Once you are fully moved in the foremen will ask if there's anything else that can can help you with while we are still with you, at this time if you feel like there's a heavy item that you may want put in another room let them know 

-The foremen will ask you to come outside to check the truck so we make sure all of your belonging are out of the truck and into your new home, The last thing to do is to wait for the foremen to finish filling out the paperwork so we can be on our way to our next move

-NextDoorMovers LLC accepts cash, money orders, credit cards, and cashiers check

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